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looking for a fat, bald strawberry?

June 11, 2016

Today I used a new sheet mask, and thought I’d share my experience with you. As you can see from the pic at the bottom of this post, I have no physical modesty and very little vanity as far as my appearance, because at my age, size, and with my lack of beauty, I figure what would be the point? Heh. So, enjoy a photo of me in all my baldness, with no makeup, and wearing my nightie. I thought you’d especially enjoy the Milhouse eyebrows, which cracked me up so much that I had to get a pic.

I received this mask in my first Miss Tutii bag, a beauty bag of goodies from Asia. I’ve been using an Asian skincare routine for several months now, and have had great luck with it. I’ve always had fairly nice skin and have never really done anything special to achieve it, but since I’m in my mid-fifties, I figured it was perhaps time for me to start babying my skin a bit. Nothing can really hold back time, but a little care can help decrease some of the signs of aging, and I was hoping to reduce the redness my cheeks can be prone to.


This mask, the Skin79 Fruit mask in Strawberry Girl, seemed like any other sheet mask I’ve tried. I’ve been using these sorts of masks for months now, usually at least one or two a week, and they all have been pleasant, soothing and relaxing and leaving my skin feeling moist and plumped up. This one was the same, and I enjoyed it while it was on. When I removed it, I did my usual routine of rubbing the mask all over my chest and shoulders, arms and legs. There was a lot of essence left on the mask and the pouch it came in, so I was able to get a layer of it all over, basically. It didn’t absorb into my skin all that quickly, and left a slightly sticky feeling, (not honey-sticky, just moisturizing-gel-sticky, if you know what I mean), but that never bothers me, because I know it will soak in eventually.


What was pleasantly surprising, though, was that when I touched my shoulders later, I noticed how silky, soft, and smooth my skin felt. I stroked my legs and arms and face, and realized that this mask seemed to have really done a great job of leaving my skin softer and smoother. I was very impressed! So much so that, despite the fact that I already own a plethora of sheet masks, I ordered a box of ten more of this strawberry mask. I plan to share a couple with my 80 year old mom, who has become a big fan of sheet masks thanks to my AB addiction.

Don’t let my creepy pic scare ya — this is a nice mask, if you enjoy sheet masks that moisturize and soften!